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The Dimension-P1™ Raman System

The Dimension-P1™ Raman System is the first of LSI's Dimension series products. The CE and UL Certified Dimension-P1™ is a high performance Raman spectrometer achieved through the integration of proprietary optics and unique software solutions. The high sensitivity of its proprietary fiber bundle probe system and the high light throughput spectrometer, combined with unsurpassed performance provided by Princeton Instrument TE-cooled CCD, yield the sensitivity and resolution needed to confidently use Raman to answer critical QA/QC and analytical questions. The system is operated through LSI's RamanSoft™, with proprietary algorithms and automation capability for data acquisition, data processing, and data analysis. The user-friendly interfaces provide ready access to essential solutions.

The Dimension-P1™ Raman System comes with LSI's Vector Raman Probe™, an internal sample compartment, and an External Sampling Module. Dimension-P1™ is available with a 830, 785, 632, or 532 nm laser. The system is available as a standard resolution (wavenumber coverage to 3200 cm-1) or a high resolution ( 1.5 cm-1/pixel ) model.

Operational Specifications Sample Spectra:
Dimension-P1™ Raman System

Application Notes:

Solvent & Petrochemical Analysis

Fatty Acid

Cholesterol Ester Analysis

Fatty Acid Unsaturation

Unsaturated Fatty Acid Composition

Plastic & Polymer Identification and Analysis Spectra for Inorganics Pharmaceutical Applications Viagra Analysis Forensic Application