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The Dimension Raman Systems

The Dimension Raman systems provide the power of high sensitivity and resolution at extraordinary values through the integration of proprietary design in optics and state-of-the-art CCD detectors. The Dimension Raman Systems are powered by LSI's RamanSoft™, complete with user-friendly interfaces for data acquisition, data processing and data analysis. The Dimension-P1™, as well as the more compact Dimension-P2™, comes with LSI's high efficiency Vector Raman Probe™ as well as internal sample cell and/or External Sampling Module for superior versatility. They both are available in high or standard resolution models.
    • Unique fiber bundle yields exceptional signal throughput.
    • Use of Vector Raman Probe and sample cells for wider applications.
    • Computer control of laser power.
    • Auto-calibration with calibration kit.
    • Innovative and proprietary automatic background removal algorithms.
    • Wavenumber range selection for database analysis.
    • Proprietary fiber coupling for enhanced stability.
    • Hardware-software integration with customers in mind.
    • Resolution, sensitivity powered by user-friendly interfaces.
    • Data processing that speeds analysis and reporting.
    • Integrated data acquisition and database searching.
    • Application-driven solutions.
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