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 April 2008: Lambda Solutions now provides Dimension-P1 and Dimension-P2 systems with coverage down to 40 cm-1 with unsurpassed spectral quality for analysis of crystal geometries, phonon structures and carbon nanotubes radial breathing modes.

April 2008: Lambda Solutions releases RamanSoft version 1.4. This new version further enhances user control of data acquisition, processing and analysis. New features provide more precise control of laser power & data frame averaging and integrates new NIST sensitivity and efficiency calibration.

March 2008: Lambda Solutions introduces the MMR Duplex for double wavelength micro Raman analysis. This compact solution provides unique performance and value for critical chemical and material science applications.

July 2007: Lambda Solutions now proudly introduces the Dimension-FT-ABS, Flow flow through Raman system with integrated absorption capability for complete on-line wet chemistry process monitoring.

March 2007: Lambda Solutions announces the availability of the MMR complete Micro Raman Module, integrating the LSI Micro Raman Adaptor with exchangeable microscope objectives, XYZ precise positioning stage and C-mount CMOS camera for image capture..

March 2007: Lambda Solutions introduces the first fully integrated flow through Raman system, The Dimension-FT. Includes unique quartz-teflon cell for acid/base and solvent resistance and proprietary optical assembly design for extraordinary sensitivity.

July 17, 2006: Lambda Solutions, Inc and Princeton Instruments/Acton Research (PIA) announce a new strategic partnership to provide state of the art Raman Systems. Now the power of imagination is available to a wide range biotechnology, QC/QA and process monitoring applications.

July 10, 2006: Lambda Solutions, Inc and Nano-C of Westwood, MA announce a collaboration using the LSI Dimension-P2 Raman System to study and monitor nanotube and fullerene structures.

April 21, 2006: RamanSoft™ version 2.0, Lambda Solutions' 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software, has been successfully installed at customer site. Please read more about RamanSoft™ v.2.0 & 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance and Validation features.

April 10, 2006: Flow-thru systems are now available for both Dimension-P1™ and Dimension-P2™ Raman Systems.

July 25, 2005: Lambda Solutions announces the delivery of its 532 nm Ultra High Performance Raman System, and the availability of LSI Raman-Duplex, a special offer of two Dimension-P Raman Systems which allows users to configure their own multi-laser system with two Dimension-P1™ or Dimension-P2™ units or to combine a Dimension-P1™ unit and a Dimension-P2™ unit for even greater cost effectiveness. Users not only get Lambda Solutions' unique high performance and multiple lasers but actually have two independent Raman systems both using LSI RamanSoft™ for complete data compatibility.

April 7, 2005: ST Japan, Inc. (www.stjapan-usa.com) and Lambda Solution, Inc. (LSI) have signed a distribution agreement in which LSI will provide all 4000 spectra available in the S.T. Japan's Raman library with LSI's Dimension Raman systems. This library covers a broad range of organic and inorganic compounds, now easily accessible through the integrated LSI RamanSoft™ - Thermo Electron Corporation Spectral ID® interface.

February 25, 2005: LSI announces the completion of its compact high performance Dimension-P2™ Raman system.

January 20, 2005: The Dimension-P1™ receives CE and UL 61010 Certification from TUV Rhineland. It is globally compliant to CB scheme.

December 9, 2004: LSI and Reedy International Corporation (www.reedyintl.com), a key plastics supplier and distributor, agrees to a joint marketing partnership.

November 8, 2004: Lambda Solutions, Inc. has completed completion of its 14,000 square foot facility in Wuhan, China for R&D as well as distribution in the People’s Republic of China and other markets in Asia.

October 6, 2004: Dr. Yongwu Yang, LSI  President & COO, announces the completion of
High Resolution (HR) Dimension-P1™ Raman system operating at 3 cm-1, and the final engineering phase for the upcoming compact high performance Dimension-P2™ Raman system.

September 24, 2004: Dr. Victor Sapirstein, LSI Chairman and CEO, delivered a lecture
on the Use of Raman Spectroscopy in Bio-organic Analysis at the Meeting on Advanced Materials, Beijing, China.

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