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Lipid chemistry is critical to the food and health industry. The ability to characterize fatty acids and oils with respect to their degree of saturation and chain length, the status of cis/trans isomers as well as general composition is very important. The applications here well illustrate the utility of Raman and the value of high resolution and high signal-to-noise features of the LSI Dimension Raman systems. By combining high performance data acquisition and the power of LSI RamanSoft™, clear definitions of fatty acid compositions become evident. The LSI Vector Raman Probe™ and External Sampling Module combine to permit critical phase transition studies feasible in the important analysis of cholesterol esters, which are critical features of vascular disease and other degenerative processes.

Application Notes:

Fatty Acid

Cholesterol Ester Analysis

Fatty Acid Unsaturation

Unsaturated Fatty Acid Composition